When you’re looking to get married in Luxembourg, the castles, history, and mixed-marriages can bring romance.

Married in Luxembourg

When wedding bells ring through Luxembourg for you, sweep away your special day with romantic stone castles and rolling hills. There are certain laws to follow when it’s time to be professional and get official, and paperwork to register. There are a few hints on how to get married in Luxembourg.

Let’s continue with a few facts you should learn when you live in Luxembourg. Each year in Luxembourg about 2,000 couples tie the knot. Nine out of 10 of the 45 percent of families living as a couple in Luxembourg are married.

Weddings in Luxembourg: getting official

Your marriage has a straightforward mechanism, leaving all the more time to enjoy the fairytale. Religious rituals are up to you, but a formal ceremony, a declaration, and other documents must be formally in place. The groom must be at least 18 years old and with parental permission the bride maybe 16 years old. They will have to end any prior marriages. In addition to that, at least one of the partners must be a Luxembourg citizen

Civil ceremony

If you are preparing to get married in Luxembourg, expect the wedding to be carried out by the registrar at the city hall/commune in your area. Luxembourg acknowledges only civil marriage, and the union has to be performed by a legal registrar. While this officialdom sounds a bit administrative for love, the ceremony is offered by registrars with a friendly and warm character. The public is invited, though family and close friends are the regular attendees. It is possible to hold a service at the church after the civil ceremony. Certain religious ceremonies are possible but they do not eliminate the need for a civil ceremony. All religious ceremonies will occur after the civil ceremony and after the receptions